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Returns and Exchanges

At Fat Finger Rings - Rings For Fans, we have never had problems with our rings or our customers. We typically deal with customers on a one by one basis and always work out a win-win solution to any issue that may arise. That being said, we do not accept returns/exchanges and practically never offer refunds unless the fault can be placed on Fat Finger Rings - Rings For Fans. Shipping costs are extremely high from our factories in China and it’s just too costly.


We do not accept returns at Fat Finger Rings - Rings For Fans so be very careful when placing an order. We fulfill most orders almost immediately so adjustments to the order is rarely possible. Spend extra time measuring your finger, all of our rings are true to their size. Please be mindful that our rings will not last forever; Premium longer than Standard but please take care of either accordingly (keep out of water, not for everyday wear, etc.)


We will 100% always send you the correct ring or custom ring when something is our fault. We’d only ask you to send a picture of the incorrect ring and packaging and we will ship out the correct version as soon as possible.

Shipping Times

Shipping is estimated to be 10 – 20 days and will arrive USPS.  Please add 5 days if the ring is customized.

For orders within the USA, shipping times are on average 13 days but they can be up to 30 days depending on inventory and US Customs traffic.  We aim to fulfill orders within 3 days but fulfillment times vary based on demand and can be greater than that.  New ring releases can take up to 3 weeks to fulfill and 6 weeks to arrive but usually arrive within 5 weeks.  

Often times when there is a delay, it is due to longer voyage times or delays at Chinese/US Customs sorting centers. We are completely at the mercy of the shipping agencies and cannot exchange a ring while it is in transit. Until the shipment tracking information indicates that the ring has arrived at the shipping address or returned to our factory's address by the postal services, we simply have to wait it out.

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